July 2020

" Studies show that 3 in 5 people use email on-the-go. Due to such high numbers, it is vital that videos are formatted properly." A Frequent problem that video advertising presents for businesses is the sometimes incompatibility of embedded videos on

"A welcome email that includes video generates a 96% Click Through Rate. " Many people would agree that they're more enticed by visuals rather than a long, daunting body of text. Nowadays, with the growth of our various modes of communication,

  "Focus on your video SEO. Just like you need search engine optimization for yoursite articles or website content, you need it for your videos." Once you begin to present videos to your viewers with added value, it's time to ensure quality.

This might just be one of the most important video marketing tips. If you would like to acquire value, you need to give value. If you want to attract wider audiences and push your business ahead, online video marketing may be the

Cisco predicts further major increases in internet video content in the next 1-2 years, with 82% of online activity likely to be video related by 2022. It is no news that social networking platforms are leading in the advertisement industry at