Video in Emails

“A welcome email that includes video generates a 96% Click Through Rate. “

Many people would agree that they’re more enticed by visuals rather than a long, daunting body of text. Nowadays, with the growth of our various modes of communication, easy, plain text could be considered substandard and inefficient compared to other methods. This could have to do with the fact that research show audiences retain around 95 percent of the information presented in video format as opposed to the 10% of data retained by reading plain text.

In addition to engaging audiences, video marketing also saves companies time and generates cash. Due to the detailed nature of video compared to text, employees and clients spend less time reading and more time understanding how products work, the way to sell or buy the goods, and how to efficiently communicate together. Additionally, video marketing
creates a larger profit for companies. In reality, 88% of video entrepreneurs report that they feel their job with video is worth the generated earnings it provides.

Welcome Clients
Studies indicate that new customers are expect a company to send them an initial email inviting them to their brand. This represents an ideal opportunity to include a video which features the voices and faces of people that they are purchasing from. A welcome email that includes video generates a 96% Click Through Rate. To ensure engagement from those
who might not be expecting a welcome email, you can require a confirmation link within thewelcome email address. Your clients will then be motivated to open the email, gaining some exposure for your video which might otherwise not have happened.
As you continue sending welcome emails, be certain to tweak the formatting and design of the email while monitoring its interaction with customers. In doing so, you’ll have a better knowledge of how to reach and communicate with customers via video in emails.